LVDA to Renovate the Complex at the Heart of Northwestern’s Evanston Campus

Home to the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, the monumental complex consisting of Kresge Centennial Hall and Crowe Hall serves thousands of students daily.


May 23, 2013

60937KLVDA will design and construct the complete renovation and select reconstruction of the 90,000 sf Kresge Centennial Hall at Northwestern University as well as the demolition and expanded reconstruction of a wing that connects Kresge Hall with Crowe Hall.

In 2008, LVDA Principals and professionals completed Crowe Hall which successfully met the University’s need for additional space on limited land while respecting the existing physical and cultural environment of the College of Arts and Sciences. Sympathetic to Kresge Hall’s details and materials, the design team built the addition as a four-story structure with flexible infrastructure to support the later fifth floor expansion at minimal cost and disturbance.

Today the Kresge-Crowe complex is central to the experience of nearly every undergraduate on campus. We are honored to continue work on this monumental complex.

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