Two LVDA Projects Earn AIA Chicago Awards

University of Illinois at Chicago Lecture Center F wins a Divine Detail Award Citation of Merit and Peace Corner Youth Center wins an Interior Architecture Award Honor Award.


December 8, 2012

Lecture Center F features a series of baffles that maximize the acoustic and audiovisual performance in the space, while adding a colorful sculptural counterpoint to the rooms’ tough architectural bones (exposed concrete structure and brick walls). A 3D computer model provided both performance analytics and a fabrication model for the installation. Based on the model, the baffle components were fabricated out of acoustic foam on a computer-driven milling machine.
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The pro bono Peace Corner Youth Center project is in one of Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods so the design features transparency and color to invite kids inside in a non-threatening way. The “floating boxes” of luminous polycarbonate house the program components while providing visual interest to occupants and passersby. Using durable and economical materials and minimal finishes, the streamlined design creates a compact suite of spaces that are visually united yet functionally independent. Spaces such as a green roof, computer lab and a gymnasium channel youthful energy into productive pursuits.
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